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I am honoured to invite you to our second educational cinematic screening about Tango.

Film: Legends of Tango Dance is a documentary by Daniel Tonelli and Marcelo Turrisi, produced by The Argentine Tango Society with the coordination of Silvina Damiani.
This wonderful documentary brings us the word and the dance of great milongueros that have left traces in the history of the salons of Buenos Aires.
Today, these popular dance artists receive the recognition and admiration of the whole world.
They are, Mayoral and Elsa Maria, the Chinese Perico, Nito and Elba, Facundo Posadas, Héctor Chidíchimo, Coca and Osvaldo, Raúl Bravo, the Flaco Dany, Carlos and Rosa Pérez, Martha and Manolo, Gloria and Eduardo, Carlos and Maria Rivarola , Tete Rusconi and Nene Masci.
Premiere: October 2014, in the Marabú of Buenos Aires

Entrance: £4

System Gallery
(2nd floor of Bar Loco)
22 Leazes Park Rd,
Newcastle upon Tyne.NE1 4PG

Friday the 22nd of September at 8.30pm



I am honoured to invite you to our first educational cinematic screening about Tango.
The title of our film is La Confiteria Ideal: The Tango Salon. This film examines La Confiteria Ideal, a Buenos Aires dance hall where fervent devotees of tango flock to escape everyday life.  Including wonderful interviews with famous milongueros: Gerardo Portalea, Javier Rodriguez &Geraldine Rojas, Mariano Chicho Frumboli and Puppy Castello.

After the screening there will be a discussion about the ideas presenting in the film.

Friday August 18th, 8.30pm
Entrance: £4

Zorro Gris Milonga

I am also pleased to announce our first ‘’Zorro Gris’’ milonga, which is the only matinee (afternoon) social tango dance in the area.

Saturday September 2nd

3-4pm Tango Canyengue workshop
4-7pm Milonga
Workshop & Milonga: £8 /stud.6
Milonga: £7 /stud.5

Snacks will be provided.
System Gallery 
(2nd floor of Bar Loco)
22 Leazes Park Rd,
Newcastle upon Tyne.NE1 4PG





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