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Movie night *La Confiteria Ideal:The Tango Salon

I am honoured to invite you to our first educational cinematic screening about Tango.
The title of our film is La Confiteria Ideal: The Tango Salon. This film examines La Confiteria Ideal, a Buenos Aires dance hall where fervent devotees of tango flock to escape everyday life.  Including wonderful interviews with famous milongueros: Gerardo Portalea, Javier Rodriguez &Geraldine Rojas, Mariano Chicho Frumboli and Puppy Castello.

After the screening there will be a discussion about the ideas presenting in the film.

Friday August 18th, 8.30pm
Entrance: £4

Zorro Gris Milonga

I am also pleased to announce our first ‘’Zorro Gris’’ milonga, which is the only matinee (afternoon) social tango dance in the area.

Saturday September 2nd

3-4pm Tango Canyengue workshop
4-7pm Milonga
Workshop & Milonga: £8 /stud.6
Milonga: £7 /stud.5

Snacks will be provided.
System Gallery 
(2nd floor of Bar Loco)
22 Leazes Park Rd,
Newcastle upon Tyne.NE1 4PG




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